Removing offline access

Careful about removing this, as there is no real downside to having your application available when the users network connection isn't perfect.

To remove offline capability, delete the offline-plugin from the package.json, remove the import of the plugin in app.js and remove the plugin from the

Removing add to homescreen functionality

Delete webpack-pwa-manifest from the the list of plugins in

Removing performant web font loading

Careful about removing this, as perceived performance might be highly impacted.

To remove FontFaceObserver, don't import it in app.js and remove it from the package.json.

Removing image optimization

To remove image optimization, delete the image-webpack-loader from the package.json, and remove the image-loader from webpack.base.babel.js:

test: /\.(jpg|png|gif)$/,
loaders: [
'image-webpack?{progressive:true, optimizationLevel: 7, interlaced: false, pngquant:{quality: "65-90", speed: 4}}',

Then replace it with classic file-loader:

test: /\.(jpg|png|gif)$/,
loader: 'file-loader',