Loading components with React.lazy and Suspense

To load a component asynchronously, create a Loadable file by hand or via component/container generators with the 'Do you want to load resources asynchronously?' option activated.

This is the content of the file by default:

import loadable from 'utils/loadable';
export default loadable(() => import('./index'));

In this case, the app won't show anything while loading your component. You can however make it display a custom loader with:

import React from 'react';
import loadable from 'utils/loadable';
export default loadable(() => import('./index'), {
fallback: <div>Loading...</div>,

This feature is built into the boilerplate using React's lazy and Suspense features.

If you need server-side rendering or are looking for more complex behaviors such as prefetching, loading multiple components in parallel, handling loading errors and more, we recommend loadable-components.

You can read a comparison between our solution and that of loadable-components on this page.